TFPP S2 Episode 65 – GW14

Another big ep in the bag for The Plonker’s. Big beef, and a switch up of the game by game review sees this weeks ep discussed through player positions. A lot to discuss with another GW right on the horizon and The Plonker announces a brand new plan to tackle the fixture pile up in regards to providing content. All this and more!

TFPP Episode 63 – GW12 – The Forfeit

The Plonker’s go head to head this week to see who has to do the forfeit of posting a pic of them in a silly costume. Along with good old FPL talk.

TFPP Episode 59 – GW8 – Mane out for a hit

The Plonkers are back and Mrs P leads the episode this week. Beef update, our weeks and game by game reviews in this ep.

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TFPP Episode 58 – GW7 – The hypocrisy crew

The Plonker is here this week to clear the air on the insane heat he got in the aftermath of the beef and hack debacle. With Mrs P even getting involved herself. And of course, the game by game review of GW7 and some surprise moves by The Plonker. Mini league update, Cleanie chances and Ask the plonker all feature.

TFPP Episode 57 – GW6 – The dark web

TFPP returns with maybe the best episode yet. The beef has never been bigger with Plonker vs Chef round 2, resulting in mass hacking in the FPL community. The games are also discussed and broken down, along with GW7 preview and ask the plonkers.

Music by COVA