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TFPP Episode 27 – GW17 – RIP Mou

Back with another episode, and were slowly getting the music back. Intro and Outro music is included in this episode but no interludes just yet. The Plonker discusses his team, his plopic is on money distribution. It’s then the review and the preview with an exciting Road to a tenner update. All this and more on TFPP!

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Music by COVA (COVA – Facebook, covauk – Instagram)

TFPP Episode 26 – GW16 – Back to normality

So after a chaotic couple of gameweeks and episodes The Plonker tries to steady the ship with Episode 26. The music is still not fully back he is still working on solutions, but the structure of the episode is almost back to normal. We have thoughts on his weeks score, game by game review returns & the standard game week preview is back as well.

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Intro music by COVA (COVA -Facebook, covauk – Instagram)

TFPP Episode 25 – GW15 – Mini ep part 2

Again technical issues sorry guys but the music isn’t working at the moment. Will try to get it fixed ASAP. The pod is still here though and The Plonker gives his thoughts on rotation, forwards, mids and defenders. As well as a preview for GW16.

TFPP Episode 24 – GW14 – Mini ep

Hungover Plonker, time restricted Plonker plus technical difficulties all coming together this episode. No music, hardly edited and not very prepared but The Plonker tries to give you something to listen to incase you need it.