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TFPP S2| Episode 49 – Midfielder preview

Here it is, the longest episode in TFPP history. That could be good news or bad news. Every midfielder of relevance is broken down with detailed stats and opinions from Mr and Mrs Plonker.

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TFPP S2 | Episode 48 – Striker preview

The striker preview is here! The Plonker and Mrs P dissect the complete list of forwards in FPL this year and tell you which ones you should and shouldn’t have. Broken up into 3 categories: the premium, the mid range and the budget, prepare for a long episode of striker analysis and evaluation.

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TFPP S2 | Episode 47 – Mrs Plonker

We are back! TFPP is back in your life for yet another season of football, and this time I’ve got a guest to help waffle with me. None other than my girlfriend. In this episode I get Aimee into the swing of things with an FPL quiz, and then finish up with some tips to help you out this season.

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