TFPP Episode 70 – GW21 – Hurricane

We reach the end of the Xmas fixture pile up and The Plonker’s reflect on everything thats happened. We also dive deeper into Mrs P’s space thoughts and cover a list of plops including The 3rd Liverpool asset, the second wildcard, the 3rd mid spot, Arsenal and much more.

Music by COVA

TFPP Episode 69 – GW’s everywhere

The Plonkers are back to catch up on the xmas pile up. Beef, Plonker FPL hot takes and theories, captain picks, ask the plonker and even Mrs P talking space.

TFPP Episode 68 – GW18 – Feliz Navidad

The Plonkers are back with their festive episode of the season, so be prepared for more xmas singing. They talk FPL as well.

TFPP S2| Episode 67 – GW17 – It aint easy being Grealy

TFPP returns with another juicy episode. The Plonker recaps his night at the FPL xmas meet up, while Mrs P has a serious bone to pick about it. Big election night beef and a big GW to review. All that plus some great singing to listen out for by Mrs P.

TFPP S2 Episode 66 – GW16 – That pass

The Plonkers are back to cover two game weeks. And we get two doses of beef. With a remix on the review covering all the hot plopics.

TFPP S2 Episode 65 – GW14

Another big ep in the bag for The Plonker’s. Big beef, and a switch up of the game by game review sees this weeks ep discussed through player positions. A lot to discuss with another GW right on the horizon and The Plonker announces a brand new plan to tackle the fixture pile up in regards to providing content. All this and more!

TFPP Episode 63 – GW12 – The Forfeit

The Plonker’s go head to head this week to see who has to do the forfeit of posting a pic of them in a silly costume. Along with good old FPL talk.